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Fantasy, Legend and Louie, a purple dragon from Brooklyn

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Fantasy Library and Louie's Cave Blog

"The Purple Wyrm" is a collection of all sorts of fantasy information, items and stories from all over the globe.


The Fantasy Library covers everything from ancient dragons to Harry Potter and flower fairies. (Much coming soon.)


Louie's Cave is the spot where Louie, the purple dragon from Brooklyn, NYC gets to share his expertise and insight into the fantasy world. Although he is mostly domesticated (don't tell him I told you that), he still knows all about stuff that many humans don't get to see.


Whether you are addicted to myths and legends, enjoy light-hearted mermaid tales, search for dragons hiding around your neighborhood or just love delving into the fictional world of fantasy, "The Purple Wyrm" is the place for you.


Come on in. Get comfortable. Stay a while.


The Fantasy Library

Each subject covered in the fantasy library contains the following information:


  • Definition of  the fantasy term
  • Pictures and artwork
  • General information
  • Myths and legends
  • Louie's personal opinions


Louie's Cave

Louie is in charge of the blog on this site, his virtual cave if you will.


In it he writes about:

  • Fantasy creatures and characters he's met
  • His opinions about how humans perceive them
  • Reviews or movies, books and more
  • Discussions of Brooklyn style pizza
  • Interviews and sightings
  • Rants

Why Do People Love Fantasy, Myths and Legends?

Whether you ask the above question strictly about the fantasy fiction genre of books and movies, or if you want to know why people first created mythological beings or if you want to study the psychological ramifications of escapism, it all comes down to the same thing really. People love fantasy because it gives them something they not only lack in their everyday lives but also something that they will never be able to get in the real world no matter how hard they try.


That isn't to say that people like disappointment. Hopefully, there aren't too many people around actually crying because they cannot own a dragon or talk with mermaids on their next trip to the seashore.


What people love is the dream, the "what if?" The imagination that someone somewhere tried to burn out of them as they grew up.


Fantasy is not just for children. It's not just for people who like lowbrow humor or highbrow intelligence. It's not for women or men or straight or gay or black or white or anything in between or outside any of those things. No matter which of these of a thousand other descriptors you identify with, you still have an imagination, and you still have real world problems you want to put aside for a while.




Dragon in a wizard study.