Around West Somerset in England, the hills are filled with new shale deposits and plenty of crevices and caves where some sort of monster could hide.


The unique natural Causeway across the muddy shore was sometimes said not to be there just by chance of geology but actually built by an elusive creature called Blue Ben.

What type of creature was this? A dragon, of course.

The people who lived in and around Kilve thought it made sense because the Dragon would have to find a way to get from his cave to the cool waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean. Although no one probably ever saw it breathe fire, they assumed that it would build up considerable heat doing so and then would want to be in the chilly surf.

Some versions of the story had this dragon living in a cave somewhere closer to the interior of the country but visiting the seashore in this region on summer holiday or whenever he needed to dampen down the fires within.

While the name Blue Ben may not strike fear into the hearts of nearby villagers, the story is nonetheless terrifying because of who turned this terrestrial beast into amount. Supposedly, the devil himself came up out of hell, left stride this blue dragon and rode him around the countryside.

The legend of Blue Ben got a considerable boost when the skull of a prehistoric Ichthyosaur, a type of aquatic dinosaur, was added to the nearby Wells and Mendip Museum. You can see from the picture that some people could certainly consider that type of skull coming from a dragon.