No matter what age they are, many girls and women like dressing up as fairies for costume parties and other special events. Plenty of women even get married in a long white gown with sparkling fairy wings on her back. Now, I really have no idea why anyone would want to get dressed up as one of those noxious little jerks, but I suppose it is the Hollywood version that females seem to like. So I will put aside by opinions for the moment and tell you something about fairy costuming.

Fairy Costumes on Little Girls

Kids get away with a lot of stuff that adults don’t. This is why you may see a five or six-year-old girl running around the supermarket or the bank with a tutu and wings on her back. It’s cute, I guess.

The general look for a kids’ fairy costume is tights, a leotard or plain top, a fluffy elastic-waist skirt, a stick with ribbons and sparkles on it and a pair of wings. A flower wreath on the hair is often seen. I guess the stick is supposed to be a magic wand, something, incidentally, that fairies never use.

Most child fairies come in various shades of pink, lavender and aqua blue. The look is sometimes spoiled by rain boots and a warm jacket that their mom makes them wear.

Fairy Costumes on Grown Women

Despite the fact that I can’t stand fairies, there are some women I do not mind seeing a fairy costume on. In general, this is because most women’s costumes consist of as little fabric as possible with some artfully placed flowers, sequins or ribbons. They frequently don’t have the fairy wands either. I guess it’s so their hands stay free for fruity drinks or something.

Unfortunately, they tend not to wear them out for shopping trips or visits to the bank like little girls do, so I have to sneak around costume parties and take a peak where I can.

Hey, don’t judge.