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Fantasy, Legend and Louie, a purple dragon from Brooklyn

Fantasy Library

Will If you think about it, the fantasy genre has been one of the more popular ones since the earliest recorded history. There were always heroes going off site monsters, mysterious goings-on that could only be explained by magic and people with uncanny abilities that others around them did not possess.

Fantasy is a blend of myth, legend, magic, alternative reality and the all-important question, "What if?"

What does this fantasy library include?

As you can see by mousing over the menu above, the fantasy library at The Purple Wyrm includes lots of topics about different fantasy creatures, people, media items, legends and more. We are adding more all the time.

Suggestions? Submissions?

If you would like to see a page about a particular fantasy topic, fantasy creature, fantasy movie franchise or popular book series, drop me or Louie a line and let us know. We always take suggestions about new information to add to The Purple Wyrm.


While it is impossible to put everything in the fantasy world on this website, we will be building it regularly and keeping an active for as long as the love of magic things lives on in the hearts of many.