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Fantasy, Legend and Louie, a purple dragon from Brooklyn



Fairy Definition:


A tiny imaginary being in human form, depicted as clever, mischievous, and possessing magical powers.


Middle English fairie, fairyland, enchanted being, from Old French faerie, from fae, fairy, from Vulgar Latin Fata, goddess of fate, from Latin fatum, fate.

Fairy’s Story

Fairies are found in many legends, tales, backyards and homes throughout the world. The classic image of a fairy is a beautiful little woman with butterfly-like wings. This image is easily seen in Disney’s Tinkerbell, Barbie’s new Fairytopia, and historically, the famous Cottingly fairies. You also might think of the Fairy Godmother types of modern legend. This includes the tooth fairy. However, in the fantasy realm, there are many beings that are lumped together with fairies (also spelled faeries or called fae folk from Old French - after the latin “fatum” meaning fate. Other types include: gnomes, elves, pixies, sylphs, nature spirits, and mermaids. Mermaids of course, are only found living in the waters of oceans, lakes, and rivers.The Fae Folk have been found in writings since early Medeival times. Chaucer and Shakespeare often mentioned fairies in their writings. Of course, we have plenty of later fairy tales that delight children to this day. Tales of fairies and elfin kind factored largely in legends from the British Isles. Faeries in these stories were often reguarded with a mixture of wonder and fear, for they were believed to be mischevious little folk. Many precautions were taken in order to keep a person or house safe from fairies.

For those who want to invite fairies into their lives, there are many ways to find them and have a respectful relationship with them. Some of the popular places to look for fairies is in unkempt gardens, in rings of stones or mushrooms, and hiding in old trees or rocks piles in the woods. There are also some things you can do to attract them to you. If you do find some fairies, don’t ask their name, don’t insult them, don’t try to grab them, don’t chase them. In fact, the best thing to do might be to turn around and go back the way you came.


Addendum from Louie

Fairies…don’t get me started. People think they are these cute little people flitting about with butterfly wings dancing on flowers and stuff like that. Before I came to suburbia to live with Melanie, I came across quite a few fairies in the woods. Yeah, they’d dance around a lot, but they are annoying little buggers too. They steal things, they liked to hide in my cave and jump out at me, and their music! Plunking lutes and whistling flutes at all hours of the night! And they bite. That is if they don’t have their bows and arrows with them. All I did was take a swipe at one and suddenly the whole swarm is on me. Don’t get me started on fairies….